A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

ZoC is a turn-based hexagonal strategy game written in Rust.

The game's development is put on hold since 2017.


Core game features are:

  • advanced fog of war
  • slot system (single tile fits multiple units)
  • reaction fire (xcom-like)
  • morale and suppression

Player's objective is to capture and hold control zones for certain number of turns.

Terrain types:

  • Plain
  • Trees
  • Water
  • Road/Bridge
  • City

Unit types:

  • Infantry - weak, but can use terrain like Trees or City to get a defence bonus and hide from enemies; can be transported by trucks. Types:
    • rifleman - basic infantry type, 4 soldiers in a squad;
    • smg - more deadly on short distances, less deadly on full range, 3 soldiers in a squad;
    • scout - weak, but have advances visibility range and can better detect hidden enemies, 2 soldiers in a squad;
    • mortar - defenceless, but can shoot smokescreen rounds, slow;
    • field gun - effective against vehicles, slow and can't be transported inside of track, but can be _towed_;
  • Vehicles - can't hide in terrain, can't occupy buildings. Can't see hidden infantry.  Leave a wreck when destroyed. Can take in a tow vehicle or wrecks lighter than themselves. Types:
    • jeep - fast and effective against infantry and helicopters;
    • truck - can transport infantry;
    • light tank
    • light self-propelled gun - has an armor of a light tank, but a gun of medium tank;
    • medium tank
    • heavy tank
    • mammoth tank
  • Aircrafts - can fly above all terrain features; it's line of sight isn't blocked by terrain. Only one type was implemented:
    • Helicopter 

Morale/Suppression system:

  • every unit initially have 100 morale points and restore 10 points every turn
  • morale is reduced by half a a damage chance (hit chance / armor protection) when a unit is attacked even if attack missed;
  • if a soldier of the squad is killed additional suppression is added
  • if a unit's morale falls below 50, then it's suppressed and can't attack anymore


zoc-1-0-3-linux-1-0-3.tar.gz 5 MB
zoc-1-0-3-osx.tar.gz 4 MB
zoc-1-0-3-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu.zip 5 MB

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